I had an amazing weekend… Friday night and Saturday were a bit “lame” as I stayed in and cleaned to prepare for our 2nd annual Halloween party.  I spent 5 hours in the kitchen/pantry area alone.  Yeah there was some dusting and re-organizing to be done that took me quite awhile.  Anyway, we headed to the apple orchard on Sunday and I got to pick two bags of apples (and completely acted like a kid again… the bf was glad we didn’t bring the pup along because he felt like he was taking care of me… haha).  Looks like I’ll be making apple pie this week and eating apples everyday for breakfast and a snack! I can’t wait though, this week is going to rock! Tuesday is the Halloween Pretty Little Liars episode, I am taking Friday off to bake for our party on Saturday, going out Friday night as in my first costume and Saturday is our party! The bf, the pup and I will be coordinating on our costume that I’m pretty thrilled to show you all next week! What are your plans for the week?! Looking forward to any upcoming Halloween events? Have a great one!