Today I'm wearing one of my favorites-- Wren+Glory! They use silk and charms to come up with these  unique wraps. They're fun to wear to school or out with friends for lunch... Honestly, I just wear them anywhere.

I said it once before and I'll say it again, my favorite part is I get to choose the color silk and charm that I want. This time I kinda went all out:

Me wearing Wren+Glory
Me wearing Wren+Glory 

Yup, decided to double it. I'm wearing a diamond hand on my purple silk and an "r" charm along with a smiley on my black silk.

Diamond Hand charm= $98.00
Smiley and "r" charm= $38.00
Silk= $10.00

Get it all on their new website!



You can follow Wren+Glory on Instagram and Twitter: @wrenandglory