ForgiveCome Together.

Make a Difference. Sow Love.

Accept Diversity. Be Aware.

Seek Wisdom. Lead the Way.

Speak Kindness.

These are exceptional mottos to live by that all of us should aspire to do. But with the daily grind of life, we just might need a little modish reminder from the Good Works wraparound leather bracelets. These beautiful items have been sporting the wrists of popular celebrities, like Justin Bieber, Adrian Grenier, Terri Hatcher, Ashley Simpson, Halle Berry, Steven Tyler, Will.I.Am, Katy Perry, Usher, Ryan Seacrest, and many more.

Absolutely chic and perfect for any casual attire, the Good Works circlets have a unique buckle to hold the embossed leather strip in place. They are modestly priced and 25% of the net sale are used to fund charitable organizations, such as the Samsung Hope for Children, Day of the Child, and Good Works’ own ‘Home Sweeter Home for the Homeless’, a campaign with a goal to move 117 homeless families into fully furnished homes. 

So make a difference and still be stylish with a Good Works leather bracelet. This eye-catching trinket will help you, and those who take notice, to remember the values that make this world a better place.

Company Particulars: Good Work(s) Make A Difference is a company that promotes lifestyles of optimism, goodwill, and compassion through fashion in order to inspire and elevate humanitarianism. 25% of the net profits are donated to good causes. The company motto is “Join our movement and help spread random acts of kindness. Because together, we can do good — and doing GOOD ALWAYS Work(s).”

To order:

Asia: Merchandising distributor through Ria Mackay at or call 63-0917-899-6545.

U.S.A.: Order through The Good Works Shop or call 888.620.8783.

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