2013 is now firmly upon us and for women that want to really shake up their style this year, there are plenty of fashion ideas that will take your sense of style in a whole new direction. One idea in particular that is likely to appeal to the sartorially inclined women out there is that of wearing men's dress shirts as part of their overall outfit and its a look that will take some perfecting but, when you get it right, it will look really great.

Needless to say, it isn't a look that will suit every woman and it won't be suitable for every occasion but women wearing men's dress shirts is a look that is both visually imposing and, as most men will testify, incredibly comfortable. It is a look which is, perhaps, best reserved for more formal occasions (including work) but there are also plenty of social settings which will be great for wearing a bespoke dress shirt too. Men typically love it when their girlfriends wear their clothes (within reason) so wearing a stylish shirt like the above, possibly as a dress style outfit, will definitely appeal on a date, for example.


Loads of women secretly have their eye on many items of men's wardrobes but it is the dress shirt which typically remains the apple of their eye and it is easy to see why women are bewitched by this particular item of clothing. It is incredibly versatile and exceptionally stylish and can really rejuvenate any woman's wardrobe when worn correctly. So, if 2013 is a year where you really want people to sit up and take notice of your style, it certainly won't hurt to add a few men's dress shirts to your wardrobe rotation because you are sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

Style is something that is both in the eye of the beholder and something which needs experimenting on in order to perfect. So, if you're planning to add men's shirts like these to your wardrobe in 2013, try them out with a number of different outfits and occasion and you'll no doubt discover which look you feel most comfortable with in no time at all. Dress shirts are, of course, one of the most sartorial items in any man's wardrobe but there's no reason at all that women can't capitalise on the immense style of this eye-catching form of clothing.

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