ASOS Coat - Wardrobe To The People | Velvet turtle neck - Urban Jungle | Mini skirt - Good Will | Thigh high socks - Taiwan flea market | Boots - Vince Camuto 

Photos by Nicole Cody

This post title has nothing to do with anything other than it being freezing out and my undying love for Jennifer Lawrence (for those who don't know, she was the lead role in the movie Winter's Bone). Seriously though, it's freezing here. I have never been in more of a hibernation mode than I am now. Luckily, I have this amazing coat to keep me warm when I'm forced to venture out into the world for silly things like work and food. 

Around the corner from my apartment is this cute workspace (Bat Haus) that is transformed into a mini flea market on the weekends. I try to make it there every Saturday to see what goods they have. There have several stands there, all which have great finds at amazing prices. I got this ASOS coat from the lovely Falosha Martin. She's not only a down ass chick, she's got the BEST stock. I've bought multiple things from her before. Her shop is called Wardrobe To The People. I believe I got this coat for under 40 bucks but I don't quite remember the exact price. The paneling detail and bold collar really made me fall in love with it. If you're ever in the Bushwick area on a Saturday, that is the place to be. Plus, there's amazing tacos two doors down. What's better than thrifting and tacos? Nothing.