Nothing better than walking around town with a grey cape flipping around behind you. Brings me back to the Halloween witch costume wearing days of 2001-2004. Never grew out of that. Or the Kiki's Delivery Service phase. I still haven't met a cool dude who builds propeller bikes.

About the look. I bought this grey midi dress over the summer and only got to wear it a couple times when the weather was warm enough. But I've found that it makes a wonderful layering piece if you want some wind action underneath your winter jacket. Which, by the way, is this St. John piece that I purchased during my New York trip in autumn. Greatest clothing investment I've ever made. My only beef with it is the soft knit collar, as I typicallylike the collars on my outerwear to be a bit stiff. Underneath all of this, I've got a rather basic ensemble of mildly creepily butterfly-printed shorts from Ted Baker and a basic black sweater.

(NTS: Resist urge to title this post with a Shades of Grey reference.) 





WEARING | Sweater - J.Crew, Jacket - St. John Collection, Dress - Zara, Shorts - Ted Baker, Shoes/Hair comb ear piece (who knows what it's called)/Rings - Asos, Clutch - c/o Oasap, Scarf - American Apparel

 Trivial selfies while at work. I found this black fur vest at the lovely boutique I work at, and I couldn't help trying it on with the look.