over the past two weeks, we've talked about caring for your face and your body in the winter. now it's time to talk about beauty - i promise this is the last one. when you are talking about every day makeup, i think it should be quick. some people say 5 minutes, i say 3. i don't like to take too much time on makeup every day, so i've gotten myself down to a few key steps that ensure i still look polished and put together for the office.
when it comes to winter makeup, i want to make sure i get a dewy look with rosy cheeks to look invigorated, awake and basically ready to conquer the world - but fast.

here are my picks and tips to get on with it in the morning.

winter skin care: beauty

1. murad bb cream. i've tried a few and i love this because it has a little extra something to give you a dewy foundation. i've certainly been known to skip step 2 and go out of the house in just this but in the winter....

2. it's good to have extra moisturizer, so i gravitate towards a tinted one, like this from smashbox. always opt for spf - even in the winter the sun can damage your skin.

3. a flushed cheek is perfect year long, but i particularly like it in the winter. i love when i go outside and come back in my cheeks have a rosy glow from the cold. i love the contrast on paler, winter skin. i love this cream blush from nyx in red - yes red. highly recommend it ladies, but you only need a little - I REPEAT A LITTLE - otherwise you will just look like a streetwalker.

4. finally, a quick swipe of mascara on the top and bottom. whatever you like, i just happen to like shocking from YSL. i go for black for a little more drama.