Winter in Phoenix really is the envy of all states that have to endure true winter weather, but it isn’t without its own set of problems…especially when it comes to dressing.  The overnight temps are rather chilly, which makes the early morning work commute quite cold, but by mid-afternoon it’s not uncommon for the high to be in the low 70s.

On top of that, it’s rather common to have several days of high 40s-low 50s (cold by valley standards) followed by several days of mid 70s.  One call feel very erratic when trying to don the appropriate clothes and accessories.


After our return from IN the valley experienced a few days of 70s, which after nine days in 20 degrees seemed rather summery.  It just seemed silly to wear winter attire, so I pulled out one of my favorite pair of my pants from this summer.

To help tone down the summery feel of the pants I paired them with a sweater I bought earlier this fall.  I also stuck to a monochromatic look by playing off the navy in the pants rather than adding a bright pop of color like I did during the summer.



Granted not all climates make it possible to maximize your closet by wearing summer clothes during the winter months, but for those of us who live through moderate winter weather some summer clothes make the transition quite nicely.  Just remember to mix and match summery pieces with those that have a bit more of a fall or winter feel/weight to them and avoid bright colors that are typical of summer.  Instead, stick to colors and accessories that transcend seasons to help the overall look appear timeless.



Style Notes: J.Crew sweater (fall 2012; purchased w/ a gift card; similar style) / Loft pants (summer 2012; purchased at an extra 40% off) / Banana Republic shoes (fall 2011; purchased at 50% off; similar style) / Marc Jacobs bag via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade necklace (fall 2011; sample sale find; similar style) / Kate Spade  (spring 2012; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; similar style)