I remember hearing stories growing up about Motown. My grandmother was born in South Carolina, but grew up in Detroit. The generational importance of seeing African Americans on television is not lost on me. Just as the NAACP image awards aired live in prime time on a major network for the first time still means that this is true. Every generation of girls needs a kick ass girl band here are my 3 reason why.

1. Girl Power was invented to empower!

Girls, teenagers, women; we all need a little pick me up now and then. Girl bands teach us that sisterhood is important. Working alone is great, but a collaborative effort can get you a lot farther a lot faster than going it alone. You ever wonder why girls go to the bathroom in packs? We believe that something might happen to us, and we want our girlfriend to back us up. Even if that only means holding the stall door because the lock is broken. Girls need to know that our sisterhood tribal mentality is part of growing up. I have the best set of women in my life. We push, pull, and drag each other to be our best selves. Girl bands add music to our journey. They are the girls you tell what'cha want, what'cha really really want.

2. Girl band give girls a sense of ambition.
Personal achievement is big in my book. I am always preaching to my friends that we have got to do more than what we are given. We need to keep striving for what is just out of arms' reach.

Music makes you feel good. As a pre-teen (tween had not been invented) dancing with my hairbrush to What about your Friends? It really made you think about the people you hung around. The people you decided to label with the precious word friend. Over the years, the world has been devalued and diluted to the point that it no longer means anything other than a person whose name you can remember. I think that is a sad state of affairs, but I digress. Friends were people who would stick around. They wouldn't let you down. What about your friends? But it is more than that. Women on television in a girl band influenced my life to the point I wanted more than what I saw just in my working class neighborhood. It made me want to pursue more. Singing, dancing, acting, writing, fashion, I wanted it all. I know I am not alone. My personal aspirations were influenced to be better than what I could see in my immediate surroundings. My ability to express the real me what pushed to the forefront by TLC and their crazy dress and catchy dance songs.

3. Girl bands decade after decade were fashion icons.
You know how you felt when you saw Diana Ross in Mahogany? She looked dated but glamorous. Glamour and grace transcend time. Coco Chanel said it best, when she said, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."
During my life, I have seen some kick ass concert costumes. The drama and the edgy appeal of lots of bold fashion statements make my heart skip a beat. While watching the Super Bowl I realized why I love Girl Bands so much. They are true modern day fashion icons. Looking back over the years Kelly, Beyonce, and Michelle have done their share to push the fashion lexicon of the world. This time they did it with over the knee socks, black booties, and leather. When you look over the time capsule of your life you will remember big bold fashion icons who shaped and changed your life. Yes. Fashion has a tendency to change us. I created this blog over two years ago because I believed that fashion is an important part of art, life, and our general well being of the human experience. Sounds less frivolousness now doesn't it. Fashion is a visual encyclopedic of time. Girls need to feel empowered. Girls need to feel strong. If you don't believe me take a walk through down memory lane yourself.

images courtesy: Google image search