I have seen people doing lots of beauty related posts lately and so I thought I would do one. I will be the first to say that I spend about five minutes on my face in the morning getting ready and that's about it. I spend most of my time trying to tame my 'fro.

I do believe in good skin care though and have been using Clinique's three-step stuff for the past five or six years (although I have modified it now). I used to be that person who only washed her face once a day...when I was in the shower in the morning. I also used to sleep in my makeup every night and my face never broke out. I was lucky in my younger days ya'll. And then I got old. HA! Really though, when I was 23 or 24 my grandmother told me I needed to start taking better care of my skin and I did. So there.

No makeup face

Anyway....what do I put on my face you ask?


At night, when I get home from work I will use this Simple Moisturizing Wash to remove the day from my face. It makes my skin super soft and doesn't have a funky smell.


And then to really get my eye makeup off I use these Equate Face Towels. Yep Equate. Why spend more money on something when you don't have to?


In the morning when I take my shower I wash my face with Simple Refreshing Face Wash. It has tiny microbeads that really clean my face well. Again it has no funky smell.


When I get out of the shower, I use Clinique's Toning Lotion to get all the grossness off my face.I use #3, it's for people with combination oily/dry skin. It's funnybecauseI have just washed my face before I use this and yet I still get tons of junk off my face with this. Gross.


And Finally I use Clinique's GEL Moisturizer. Not Lotion but Gel. the Lotion feels too heavy on my face and I can't stand to feel anything on my face, but this works for me.


If my face is breaking out I willsubstitute myregularClinique Toner for Clinique's Acne Solutions Toner.This bad boy has Salycic Acid it in and you have to shake it up really good before you use it and it will clear your face upIMMEDIATELY. My only advice would be not to use this with the other Acne Solutions products (the face wash and toner) because it will severly dry your face out. I did that once and looked like I got a chemical peel. Think Samantha on SATC. I seriously had a couple layers of skin come off. But it did clear my face up. Hmmm.....

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week!!!


**FYI-I was in no way compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.**