The Purr-fect Cat Outfit!  

It’s somewhat of the standard fashion blogger favourite to go for cat clothing, don’t you think? Whether it’s the infamous Leah Goren cat dress, there is something about felines that seems so fitting on clothing. Plus, who doesn’t love a constant companion as you go about your day! Well, today had me feeling like a regular ol’ cat lady – not that that’s a bad thing! Quite the contrary really; I felt ecstatic every time I happened to gaze down at my knees and see these whiskery critters looking right on back at me. They have such grumpy little faces – even better! I paired them with my favourite tote bag which was courtesy of Modcloth. The romper was for sale in my shop recently, though it didn’t sell – quite possibly a sign to keep it – or at least that’s what I’m telling myself! It seemed terribly fitting for today – it even has a cat face on the tag! I took it one tiny step further, and made sure to add a cats eye flick to my eyeliner today, oh, and I wore my feline inspired sunglasses. It was such a blissfully warm morning too, so we took Holga photos and lay on the grass soaking up the sunshine – I’m sure that any kitty cat would approve!

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