I love watching "What's in my bag" videos on YouTube so I decided I would tweak it and make it into a blog post!

This is my bag!!


I picked this baby up a TJ Maxx of all places. Its a Cynthia Rowley cross body bag. I don't wear it like a cross body bag. I just wear it over the shoulder. This is probably the most expensive purse I own, but luckily I didn't pay full price! Its 100% leather so I know that its gonna last for quite a long time. Another reason I love this purse is because its so small that I really have to prioritize what I bring. I hate feeling like i'm carrying a bag full of bricks! Here is where you can find this purse- http://www.amazon.com/Cynthia-Rowley-Leather-Crossbody-Shoulder/dp/B009UW47QW


Here is the contents of my bag!

  • I always carry hand sanitizer and hand lotion and I prefer that they are the same scent. Too many different scent and you end up smelling like a flower shop!
  • My glasses are obviously a staple. If I lose a contact then i'm pretty much blind.
  • A random pair of ear buds. You never know :)
  • I always bring my check book. I get made fun of because I still write checks but I have to say that it does come in handy. I'm very forgetful and always leave my debit card somewhere
  • My out of date cell phone. Hopefully I can score a deal on Black Friday and pick up a Samsung Galaxy SIII.
  • The only makeup I bring with me is my oil blocking powder. I got this cute little travel size when I placed an order on Opal.com.
  • A pocket knife. This comes in handy all the time. It has scissors, a flashlight, and if I ever needed to sew something, it has a needle and thread. ;) Oh, and lets not forget that its pink!
  • My sunglasses. These are fake Chanel. I don't like to buy expensive sunglasses because something always happens to them. I either sit on them or I lose them so I just buy  an inexpensive pair so when it does happen I'm not out a ton of money.
  • My wallet. I have a Dooney and Bourke coin purse as a wallet. I'm not a big fan of bulky wallets. It holds all of my cards and doesn't take up a lot of room. 
So that's everything, plus or minus a few things that rotate in and out depending on what i'm doing that day. 

Do you find posts like this interesting? What are some of you favorite posts to read?


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