10 Gifts to give to Kate and Prince William, or the other pregnant people in your life.

-PJ Gach


It was finally announced yesterday that Kate Middleton is expecting a spring baby. Who knows, the palace might have kept the news to themselves a bit longer, except that Kate had such bad morning sickness she had to be rushed to the hospital. Note to self: If I get pregnant, find a stand-in for morning sickness and labor.

Since most of my friends either have had kids before I met them, or they don’t have them, I’m kinda clueless as to when you throw a baby shower. However, you know that there is definitely one on the horizon for the royal couple.

I hunted around and found over-the-top, but redic cute items for a royal (or not) baby shower. Because Kate champions (promotes and wears) UK designers and brands, a lot of these products are from the UK.

Elsa peretti heart baby brush

1. Elsa Peretti Heart baby brush ($210, tiffany.com). Okay, most babies are born bald, but when the thatch does grow, wouldn’t this be an adorb first brush?

Cunil rattle

2. Cunill personalized pearls rattle ($300, saksfifthavenue.com). Shiny! Shiny! Sterling silver rattle with little beads to teethe on. Seriously, who could ask for anything more?

Burberry baby blanket

3. Cashmere check blanket ($450, us.burberry.com). Sadly, if you want to buy the baby a baby blankie from Burberry, you can only get it in pink. They don’t make blankies or boy babies. Boo.

Gucci boy baby gift

4. Gucci infant’s cotton four-piece baby boy gift set ($285, saksfifthavenue.com). The perf baby starter set: one of everything. It comes in pink too.


5. Holistic silk lavender eye mask (£40, $64.34, go-british.co.uk). Soft navy velvet rests against the eyes, It’s the perfect gift for any mum-to-be who desperately, desperately needs to sleep.


6. New Baby set (₤45, $72.38, aravore.com). Oh my gawd, how tiny! Hand crochet booties and a teeny hand crocheted hat with a pom pom. Made with 100% organic wool by this UK firm that recently won Best Eco Fashion from the UK Junior Design Awards.

Burberry haymarket baby changing bag

7. Burberry Haymarket baby changing bag with mat (£496, $797.78, childrensalon.com). No, a baby changing bag doesn’t mean you switch babies! Um, yes, I’m sure there are some moms who would love to switch out a screaming baby for a sleeping one. However, it’s what the Brits call a diaper bag. Figured since Kate wears a lot of Burberry, this might work with her wardrobe.


8. Huge white bashful bunny (£45, $72.38, thewhitecompany.com). I dunno, I think I may want this for myself. This gigunda bunny is 50 cm high—don’t ask me, I could never figure out the metric system—it’s hand washable and complies with the European Toy Regulations Act.

Fendi pram

9. Fendi Carrozzina Pram (£1240, $949.90, harrods.com). Of course a royal baby has to have a pram from Harrods. I only picked the Fendi because it was the most expensive one Harrods had.

Cowshed baby organics

10. Cowshed Baby Cow Organics gift set (£26, $19.92, harveynichols.com). Okay, one gift from Harrods, then you’ve got to get a gift from another posh UK store, right? Harvey Nicks has this super duper cute organic skin care set for baby: Hair and body wash, body lotion, bottom balm and Floyd the sponge. You could keep the cow shaped sponge for yourself. Oh, c’mon, it’s cute!

PJ Gach is Editor at QueenofStyle.

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