photo by Max Kopanygin for Kenton Magazine

top and pant: c/o Dana-Maxx // coat: Chaiken // hat: Albertus Swanepoel // shoes: Lela Rose for Payless // bag: c/o Cambridge Satchel Company // ring: Giles & Brother

I recently wrote about how fashion week had changed quite a bit since my first shows years ago. It’s beyond the prevalence of selfies—though Cara Delvigne even broke news that she took the first selfie video while walking down the runway at at the Giles show this week.

I’m talking about all of the crowds of street style photographers waiting for the perfect shot at Lincoln Center of a stylish show-goer. Sometimes about six of them will bombard one person at once and it can make an ordinary person like me feel like they’re a regular on TMZ. 95% of which, you will never see the photos of. What’s worse is that some of them direct you how to walk and tell you to stop…and wait…and when I count to three…

It’s rather surprising when they act like you’re okay with this and they never introduce themselves or tell you where the images will show up.

Luckily, some photographers have a bit more tact and will introduce themselves, ask if they can take a photo or two, tell you where it’s going, perhaps exchange a business card, capture you in flattering angles/lighting, and better yet, tag you in the images when it comes out (shout out to Statia Grossman for DailyCandy and Max Kopanygin for Kenton Magazine for doing just that).

Don’t get me wrong, I love that street style—posed or not—has become a thing so I can take note of what “regular” gals are wearing for inspiration, but here’s my plea to photographers out there:

Make it organic and always give credit where credit is due. We spend a lot of time to look this stylin’.

xoLiz // Dear Andi


photo by Emily Kammeyer

sweater: Joseph // jacket: Kaylee Tankus // skirt: c/o Dana-Maxx // tights: c/o Hipknoties // booties: c/o United Nude // hat: c/o Tracy Watts // bag: Rebecca Minkoff // ring: vintage


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