It's officially been two weeks since we brought Miss Piper home! This photo was taken the day after we welcomed her home, and I can't believe how much she has already grown since then. Over the past two weeks her personality has really  been shining through, and she's proving to be spunky, oh so sweet, slightly stubborn, and loving right down to her core. She loves, loves her big brother, Scout, and although she has plenty of kisses to give to him, she's quite sparing with her kisses for us humans (however, I have received more, and more kisses the past few days). She likes to sleep on her back, and have a few naps throughout the day. She's a good eater, and likes to sit with Scout and watch him eat while she does the same. She doesn't mind being held and carried around (oh, this is the part of being a puppy that I cherish most), and loves a good snuggle when the time is right.

Truthfully, she's a perfect fit for our family and I couldn't imagine not having her with in our family. Thank you, little Piper, for making our family whole.