Basically I go from serene and fashionable to downright ridiculous in these photos, but hey. I was having fun! I took a jaunt with my mom up the Naramata winery bench to suss out some deals at garage sales. I have been building my patio set up from scratch and, at risk of having a mild rant, am dumbfounded as to why patio furniture is so darned exorbitant?! In response to this I have been hitting up the second hand scene to create two decks worth of decent summer living space (excited to do a post on it soon). So here is to comfort and spontaneity this long weekend (in Canada). Dress like you could take a road trip at any minute and discover places you've never been to; even in your own city!

| jean jacket - | t-shirt, shorts - Aritzia | shoes - Keds | watch - Coach | bag - Rebecca Minkoff via | 






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