Went to the Curtin Open Day yesterday and I wore this. It's such a flowy dress and I love it so much! It actually feels like I'm floating on water and I can't help but want to never get out of it. It's so pretty too and it's part of Cameo's collection, of which I'm in love with just about everything. They have such quirky, sophisticated pieces. You can't really tell in this photo but there is a diamond cutout at the back of this dress too with makes the dress even better! I was a bit unsure about getting a maxi dress at first because I'm quite short but it turned out alright! Also, my hair actually looks red in these photos, not brown like in the last set... Really tempted to wear it again to the UWA open day this Sunday but I may be pushing it...
P.S. the reason for the name of this post and the last post being based on faires is because while we took photos a little kid thought we were fairies. So adorable! 

Purple Stone Ring (Diva), Gold Cuff (ShowPony), 
Pale Blue Wedges