What do you do when you clean your closet and are pleasantly surprised to see a very old Ferragamo belt that you got on sale—circa 1990’s? You upcycle it into a bracelet, of course! That’s what I did, and now I have a completely unique piece.


Here it is in all its glory, stacked together with a Fendi leather wrap bracelet I picked up in the duty-free section of the Kuala Lumpur airport (of all places), and a cheap cloth bracelet from a market in Vientiane. I wore during my recent trip to Southeast Asia, and it certainly elevated my backpacking uniform of black/white shirts and shorts to a slightly higher level of panache.

Before purist fashionistas shoot me for ‘destroying’ the belt, let me guarantee that I did no such sacrilege. It was already heavily creased to begin with, having been accidentally folded in storage. The buckle has started to oxidize, too. This belt—which I remember buying on sale back when I had a 22-inch waistline—was ready for a little bit of upcycling. The joy of fashion is reinvention, don’t you think? So I paid a local leatherworker to cut the belt to the size of my wrist, poke new holes on it, and voila—I’m getting the ‘collier de chine’ vibe without paying $$$.

The belt I used is a vintage Ferragamo in embossed calfskin, with the iconic Gancini buckle.

The horseshoe-shaped Gancio pattern is a Ferragamo classic. It recently reappeared in the Fall-Winter 2012 and Spring-Summer 2013 collections, updated as ‘double Gancio’ buckles for the reversible belts. They come in all the right colors—red, brown, hazelnut, and oxford—and can be bought directly from the official Ferragamo online store for anywhere from $199 to $399.

The Gancio pattern also showed up on embossed calfskin wallets as well as the latest silk scarves.

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