Hello! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Tuesday! It’s been a lil crazy around here. My Z hasn’t been feeling well hence skipping daycare so this mommy has been in full throttle mommy-mode. Lots of hugs, kisses, late night coughing, tissues, and snots! Yes, it’s not always pretty and dainty. 

It’s been really gloomy around here although not as freezing. Perfect kinda weather for coffee sipping tendencies. As much as I LOVE tea, I can appreciate a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. Especially, Vietnamese Coffee (Ca Phe). I usually opt for decaf b/c I my heart can’t hang (serious rapid palpitations) but w/ Vietnamese Coffee it’s straight up (not available in decaf). Ironically, I don’t really get major side effects from Vietnamese Ca Phe. Weird! Call it psychological if you will…

Here are a few snapshots of what I consider as my perfect Cup of Joe. 

vietnameses coffee5

You will typically find Vietnamese Ca Phe brewed this way using a French drip filter for individual servings. Sweetened condensed milk is added in first. Also b/c it’s usually enjoyed over iced, a tall glass would be used (room for adding ice at the end). Since it’s chilly outside, I like mine hot so I’m using a small glass cup instead (ice… no thanks!).

The joy of brewing Vietnamese Ca Phe for me is watching the coffee dripping down, drop by drop (sometimes, I act like I have nothing better to do than staring at coffee dripping!). And the color contrast b/w the condensed milk and dark coffee … so cool!

vietnameses coffee4Cafe Du Monde is most often the coffee brand associated w/ Vietnamese Coffee. This must have been an Americanized adaptation b/c Cafe Du Monde originated in New Orleans. The Cafe Du Monde Coffee Shop is world famous for their Beignets

vietnameses coffee3My eldest sister just recently came back from a trip to Vietnam and brought back true Vietnamese coffee. A local brand made in Vietnam. I was excited to try this coffee and experience the real Vietnamese Ca Phe. 

vietnameses coffeeDon’t let this image fool you. I don’t have the luxury of enjoying coffee & blogs hrs on end at my convenience (wouldn’t that be the life?!). Most days, I eat lunch standing next to the kitchen counter, feverishly devouring my food before Zoey starts tugging on my legs. Relaxing? Not so much!

Black & White image- husband and I pre-Zoey era. 

vietnameses coffee2On a side note, most of our indoor herbs have died so my husband decided to grow grass in their place. Which means we’ll have vibrant green grass in the middle of winter AND to have them indoors? Ingenious! 

vietnameses coffee6So if you get a chance, next time you’re at a Vietnamese restaurant, order some Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee). Most likely, they will use Cafe Du Monde, which is just as good as the original!

Better yet, try making it at home! It’s truly the perfect Cup of Joe.