**  Jacket: Vintage (similar here) / Shirt: Hanes (get here) / Jeans: H&M (old) / Boots: SwayChic (old, but love these by Steve Madden) / Scarf: Old Navy **

So, I was having one of those, it's cold outside I just want to be comfortable, kind of days.  It took everything in me to not leave my house in sweat pants.  Something I do not do often.  Then, in the back part of my closet this red jacket was calling my name.  I haven't worn it out of my house since I resurrected out of my grandmother's closet a year ago.  It's amazing how many great items she has!  It's my favorite place to shop. 
 Everything else was selected based on comfort.  A plan, white tee; great color, comfy jean; and flat boots (not pictured: fuzzy socks).  The scarf was for warmth and to add a pattern.   I threw my hair in a messy ponytail; by the way, thank you to whoever invented dry shampoo!  And to make it seem like I actually took time to put this together, I added a red lipstick to add a little girlishness to this urban look.  This isn't my normal kind of style.  But you gotta change things up every now and again! 

What's your go to casual, comfy look?









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