For a couple years now bar and club goers have adopted the skirt and shirt look. You know what it is. It is that chiffon blouse or plain tank tucked into that tight bodycon skirt with a pair of high heel pumps.

You will see it any bar or club that you go to. I have personally been an offender for sure. I am going to put it out there and say that I am over the look. Do the hoards of girls wearing it look nice? Yes. Do they look well put together? Definitely. Do they all look they the same? Absolutely!

This look is safe and over played and I think we need a new one. I include myself in this decleration because as I stated I am an offender. A repeat offender. So let’s try to break away from what’s safe and go for what’s trendy.

I put together three looks, but unlike my pasts posts each look has one item that is the same. The skirt. I used the same skirt in each look to show you how you can stretch one article of clothing past one type of look. Check out the looks I put together!

High-Low Top and Bodycon Skirt


Top-$22.80-Forever 21
Skirt- $5.95-H &M
Earrings- $18.00-Topshop

Graphic Tee, Leather Jacket, and Bodycon Skirt


Leather Jacket-$49.95-H & M
Tee- $39.00- K armaloop
Skirt- $5.95-H &M
Spike Wedges- $64.00-Karmaloop

Peplum Top and Bodycon Skirt


Peplum Top-$55.00-Dorothy Perkins
Skirt- $5.95-H &M
Peep Toe Pump-$129.95-Nordstrom

The whole idea was break away from the tight and frankly unflattering shape that the tucking look can create. You could be as skinny as Victoria’s Secret model, but that tucked shirt will always look just a little funny. These looks may not be your exact style, but hopefully they will inspire you to try something new!

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