I honestly cannot think of a title for this post. My brain is not really functioning well in the mornings. I kept on bugging my hubby to think of one. So, after a bit of bickerings here and there, i just came up with this funny title Call of Nature coz i saw a tree and thought of nature. Haha, what a lame post title

Ain't my dress pretty? I bought this one in Tagaytay sold by a couple who are Indonesians. They both lived in Yogyakarta and was just visiting Philippines. The location is actually in Silang but considered Tagaytay narin. I bought this with my sister when we were ukay hunting that time.

I thought of pairing this with my Forever 21 sparkly heels and i know they would compliment each other. I toned down on accessories because the dress is already loud enough.

I love beads and how they were sewn.

Elephant ring from Forever 21

Forever 21 Sparkly heels

Now my feet is really tired. And my brain too.

Its the year of the Water Dragon and i hope i get to find accessories with pretty little dragon designs.

Till my next post,