When it comes to your personal style, following the latest trends may not be in your best interest. But don’t be discouraged! You can still incorporate the trend into your life in other ways, like accessories or home décor items.

Your focus should be on building a wardrobe around what flatters your coloring, body-type, and lifestyle. This will ensure you are never a fashion victim, and have fashion working FOR you. With Spring approaching, runway trends are everywhere. When you read “Must Have Items for Spring” you don’t have to take it literally. If the sheer, veiled trend is not going to do you justice, simply admire it from afar or incorporate it in your wardrobe in a more subtle way instead of going all out.

By strategically shopping for items that will only make you look more amazing, and feel more confident, you do not have to worry if you can pull off the trend. Stay true to your style, and yourself. It is ok to say no to trends!

- Megan Brandle