Ladies & Gents,

I hope everyone is doing great and heading home for the holidays! I received a wonderful email from a fashionista yesterday, who almost had me in tears. She made it clear that she could easily relate to me, and that is quite flattering. It definitely gives me motivation. Thank you so much Brittany, This post is dedicated to you! 

Today, I wanted to show you that women with killer curves CAN wear colored pants and, for the all the ladies who don't have a wider bottom, all the busty woman out there, this outfit would look great on you too! Also, I haven't been wearing heels lately due to the ugly weather, so I decided to introduce my semi-new loafers from Kohl's. They are AMAZING! Super comfortable and extremely chic. Did I mention, I only spent $32? I couldn't be any happier. Go to your nearest store and try them on. I promise, you will love them! The quality is exquisite for the price by the way. Make sure to get the 20% off coupon in the newspaper before you head out this weekend.

I was wearing the leather jacket on a lunch date today. I got cold, pulled the blazer out of my trunk, and we got right to work. This is also my way of, by switching out just one piece, going from all day shopping to dinner date, or even all day in the office to happy hour. The leather jacket definitely adds a little edge. Like I've always said before, please don't bother dropping $200+ on a blazer, I attached some trendy alternatives below that are affordable.

Before I go, I must recommend you to get these Rubbish tees from Nordstrom. I am in love with them! I talk about basics a lot, and a white tee is the #1 of basics. In my opinion every closet needs at least five different basic tees. Don't be scared to pair them with jeans, leggings, shorts, or even a pencil skirt. For $9.98, I think we can all afford a few.

P.S Thank you so much Lena for the early Christmas gift. I love my new Remington Curlers. Best part is that they heat up in five minutes. Now I need to find a new excuse to wear a bun. Enjoy!




















Leather Jacket: Tj- Maxx $24.99 (Similar)
Wool Blazer: Ralph Lauren $260 (Similar)

T-Shirt: Nordstroms $9.98
Pants: Basic Red $16.99 (Similar)
Shoes: Vera Wang Smoking Flats $31.99
Sunglasses: Rumors $8 (Exact ones)
Earrings: Forever 21 $4.80
Ring: Gift
Handkerchief: Stole from Omar's suit :)

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