Blazer: Target (Here)

Bottom: Forever 21(Similar)

Shoes: Nine West (Here)

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (Similar)

Happy Wednesday!!

How was everyone's New Years?? I basically spent time with family and rang into the New Year with my two boys (Hubs and Kobi). Kobi was scared from all the fireworks going off outside the house so poor pup, we had to cuddle with him to stop him from crying. He would run in all corners and try to hide. :( But overall it was a relaxing night of sipping champagne and watching tv. Our ideal way of celebrating! I canbarely stay awake past midnight now. haha.. A clear sign of getting old. -_-

How cute is this tweed blazer? On the day I was shopping with my friends for the Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration (which btw I had tweeted that it is now on sale 50% off here!), I had picked up this blazer as well. I have been somewhat looking for a tweed blazer and thought this was nice with the zippered sleeves. I also thought the black lapel made it look more classic. So I paired it with some colored skinnies and this lovely necklace. A funny story of the necklace - I was browsing thru Nordstorm Rack and saw it on a mannequin which I had to do a double-take thinking it was the House of Harlow piece (which I've been eyeing on for a while). Turns out it was a Nordstrom piece and it was very close in the design details. I looked around me to see if anyone was watching and took that necklace off of the mannequin and went straight to the registers to buy it. haha... I've worked in Retail before so knowing how people take the clothes off of the mannequins, it's pretty funny to watch. I admit I had a little struggle since the necklace was looped thru the neck part. ;)

How would you style a tweed blazer?