shirt :: banana republic (similar)
blazer :: urban outfitters silence & noise boyfriend blazer in lime (currently on sale for $49!)
skirt :: h&m (similar here & this black one's a steal!)
belt :: forever 21 (similar)
necklace :: forever 21

I don't know what it is about these leather (or in this case, pleather) full skirts but I have an affinity, a borderline unhealthy affinity for them. I seem to have acquired, somewhere down the runway, an insatiable hunger for tutu's leathery relative. What's worse is that I've honed my ability to seek out this highly lusted-after item. 

For example, just last week I was happily heading towards the checkout line with some cozy knits in hand when out of no where, my eyeballs took on a mind of its own and whipped my head 180 to spot one sliver of a black box pleat, shyly peaking out from behind a loud-mouthed, hot pink houndstooth mini. 

Before I could adjust to the new crick in my neck, I found myself embarrassingly chassé-ing towards that bewitched box pleat. And to add insult to injury, my grubby paws had to grab TWO skirts, justified in my mind obviously by the fact that 1) I needed two backup, black leather skirts, in addition to the one that I already owned, but more importantly 2) I had missed out on the black Alice + Olivia box pleat leather skirt and this one was an exact dupe. 

But hey, at least I only picked up one of these blush colored leather skirts - see, I'm already improving. 

[By the way, if  you want to see how I took a regular belt, did a few pirouettes with it, and ended up with a bow belt,  I'll whip up a post on Belt Bow Tying 101]