If you’ve been following my blog since its inception, you would’ve first seen Zoey when she was just 6 mths. And you would’ve witnessed some of her milestones through my posts, such as her first baby steps, babbles, pumpkin patch adventure, etc.

Tomorrow, she officially turns 16 mths! Recently, she has learned some new tricks and they include walking backwards, scribbling (she LOVES to ‘write’), & being a professional Ipad user. She has yet to say ‘mommy’ and I can’t wait until that day! More things to look forward to… Everyday is a new adventure. 

Zoey at 16 months

I just began transitioning Zoey into daycare 2 days/week and it has been such a struggle. I’m sure it’s scary for her to be in a new environment w/ strangers when all she’s ever known has been mommy’s embrace. I think half of the battle is learning to let her go… give her room to expand, grow, and experience exciting adventures outside from home. I do have that mommy guilt of placing misery upon her (especially when she screams bloody murder when I drop her off). And I do have my doubts… is what I’m doing beneficial for her when all she does is cry and gets terrified?

Hopefully, one day she will build the confidence to walk into her classroom head held high, running to her friends, and maybe even forgetting to kiss mommy goodbye. Then, I will be the one crying and being miserable! Thinking of this moment actually gets me teary eyed! 

Zoey at 16 months2

On a side note, putting Zoey into daycare frees up my time, keeps me sane, and allows me to recharge. Taking care of a baby 24/7 literally sucks the life out of you! In addition, I can now take on projects that I wasn’t able to before and focus on networking, and building new collaborations. This blog is growing each day (nearly 7300 followers in 10 mths!), which I am very grateful for but now demands more of my attention. 

While being a mommy is the most important (& hardest) job, I also believe in striving for other accomplishments so not to lose yourself as a wife, woman, and individual.