The Black Grouse could be your go-to whiskey on a cold winter’s night.

-PJ Gach


A silky, smoky, blended Scotch whiskey like the Black Grouse can be sipped slowly, but did you know that it can be used for a base for cocktails? It’s the perfect foundation for a multi-faceted smooth, flavorful drink for after five.

Try either of these cocktails the next time you’re out.

Flight of the Cacao

Flight of the Cacao by Frank Cisneros
Created by Frank Cisneros,GinPalace

2 ounces The Black Grouse

1 ounce Lemon

.5 ounce Housemade Grenadine

.5 ounce Creme de Cacao


Shake and strain into a coupe

Findik Grouse

Findik Grouse by John McCarthy
Created by John McCarthy

2 ounces The Black Grouse

.5 ounce Toasted Hazelnut/Vanilla demerara syrup

1 dash Fee’s Aztec Chocolate bitters


Stir and strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass, garnish with an orange peel.

PJ Gach is Editor QueenofStyle.