A really big trend this year is the "Grunge" look, for those of you who were born in the 80's (or before) you know that the grunge look was very popular during the 90's, well it has finally come back into style and it's getting very popular fairly quickly!

It seems that a lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing this style this Spring and I am pretty certain this up coming Summer as well.
Let's just say the Grunge look is a verycomfortable and laid backstyle.If I were to describe the grunge look in a few words,
I would say it's a relax form of "rock and roll" type of clothing ...

Basicallya whole lot of plaid shirts

andvery faded pants

also hand cut/cropped shorts

and faded neon colors

What I do love about this style is that it can be glam'd up as well, grunge doesn't necessarily mean you will look like you just woke up or you just came back from a rock and roll concert, as seen in the celebrities below it can look very glam and sexy:


Now that I've convinced you to try out this style....*wink* below are some of my favorite cheaper alternatives from Forever 21, all the items shown below are less than $20:



What do you think about this "grunge" style, would you rock it? Will you buy grunge looking clothes or make your own (such as fading it, cutting/trimming shorts, etc)? I think I will want to try the more glam grunge style to look a little bit more glam, yet becomfortableas well!