Nail art is getting popular by the day, and no matter whether you like to maintain your nails or not, you cannot escape the need for manicure and keeping your nails healthy. Getting a manicure every month is easy, but there are certain things that can help you maintain your nails neatly at home. We buy apparels and clothes online, but certain things about beauty are best maintained at home. In the next few lines, some of the classiest nail maintenance tips are mentioned. Most of these things can be without difficulty done with some easy-to-find ingredients at home.


1.At the first place, it is essential to ensure that your nails are healthy and clean. Manicure can clean your fingernails once in a while, but if you are really looking forward towards having cleaner nails every day, it is advisable that you use a mixture of lemon juice and honey. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of honey to a piece of lemon and clean your nails for a cleaner look.

2. Unless needed, don’t opt for fake fingernails. Many times, these fake nails are reason for micro bacterial growth and poor nail strength. Try and keep your nails long, and in case, you are too fond of fake nails, always stick to brands that are popular and offer quality glue.

3. While nail paints and polishes add shine and colour to our nails, they certainly add that yellow tint on the nails and make them look old and outgrown. Always look for branded nail paints, even if, that means spending a few extra dollars. There are many women who stick to their brands as loyalists, and they hardly have any issues with their nails.

4. Avoid wearing nail paints all the time, and give some breathing space for your nails. After a couple of weeks of coating your nails, just remove everything and get the natural shine glaze back. You can use a buffer for the purpose. A nail buffer is a special device that helps you polish your nails in three different steps (some have four). The buffering gives a shine that’s much better than your transparent polish that often tints your nails.

5. Rather than going for square nails, you must look for rounded nails with the corners chopped off. Rounded nails last longer and make your fingers look slender. On the other hand, square nails are prone to damage and can even cause injuries under the skin.

6. Keeping the cuticles cleaned and the nails filed is equally essential. You can use a cuticle cutter to get rid of those small bits of skins, and for your nails, you can simply use a filer. Avoid keeping your nails uneven, and in case, one or two of your nails have broken, you must file all the nails to the same size.

7. Most women like to put several coats of nail paints on their fingers for the perfect look, and in the process, they find the paint getting chipped off every other day. Avoid wearing too many coats and stick one or two coats. The lighter you coat your nails, the longer is the lasting of the polish. You can apply the topcoat every three days to maintain the shade.

With these seven tips, maintaining your nails is never a problem. You need professional care only once in a month.

Bio:Suzy Walsh is fashion expert and editor with The House of Elegance Fashion, a popular fashion blog offering fashion tips online. She has worked with many other websites and blogs as a guest writer and has been associated with the world of fashion and beauty for a long time.