The most auspicious moment of a guy’s life is one when he decides to get engaged. Generally, the guys present one carat diamond or gemstone ring to their beloved ladies. However, some guys like to spend a lot for getting an engagement of unique style and design. In case you have millions to spend for engagement rings then simply you need to check this list, which brings the details of top 5 world expensive engagement ring. Though you can’t buy these exact rings but you are free to design your own engagement ring by following their designs.

5. Jacqueline Kennedy's engagement Ring

The people who like to prefer gemstones over diamond should check this impressive engagement ring of Jacqueline Bouvier. Senator John F.Kennedy spent around $1.5 million for getting a knot for his sweetheart. Centre baguette Emerald stone is surrounded by tiny diamonds. Stone is mounted in a 2.88 carat clear and shiny setting.


4. Kim Kardarshian’s Engagement Ring

I like every designer outfit which is labeled with Kim name. However, I was surprised to know that this style Diva got $2 million worth engagement ring from her boy friend i.e. Kris. Though this relationship didn’t last for the long time but whenever you check the world most expensive engagement ring then definitely you need to add Kim’s engagement ring in the list. This big diamond engagement ring looks stunning in Kim’s hand.


3. Melania Knauss's engagement ring

Kim is not the single lady who was being presented 2 million engagement ring. We also have Melania Knuass who got the same worth bling from Donald Trump. What is special about this engagement ring is the title of ring that is Graff diamond ring or The Lords of the rings. Actually, choicest diamonds were incorporated in the setting and design of the ring. You can also design your own ring by getting the same diamonds which are considered the best and the most expensive.


2. Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring

You know that Paris Hilton is famous for her off screen media coverage but what made her famous on screen was her big fat diamond engagement ring. Paris Latis presented his darling with a bling that had 24 carat diamond incorporated in it. He happily paid $4.7 million for this big ring. However, Hilton found this ring somewhat bulky and uncomfortable so she replaced it with a light engagement ring from Cartier.


1. Beyonce’s Engagement Ring

Jay Z presented a nice looking and brilliantly designed diamond engagement ring to Beyonce and the cost of this ring was $5 million. This 20 carat engagement ring is sparkled with the shine and glam of 18 carat central diamond. Beyonce is famous not only because of her outstanding musical shows but also because she owned the world most expensive engagement ring.


Now it’s up to you to pick a style that matches to your desire and then to start designing your own engagement ring. I advise you to take help from an expert jeweler as he can help you better than any other person.

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Marry Jojo is an expert author who loves to share interesting and informative posts with her readers. She shared this post just to help those who want to create engagement ring for their beloved ladies.