Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Collection

I'm a little behind in posting this review, but I still wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite makeup palettes that came out over the Holiday's. Too Faced released some really gorgeous products over the holidays and I was lucky enough to get two of them as gifts for Christmas! I stated before that I was having a "no buy" month in December and not getting these palettes was killing me. So today, this review will be all about the Shadow Bon Bons Collection and I'll post the other gift that I got in my next review. Too Faced really nailed it with this collection.

Gorgeous, velvet box. One of my favorite makeup palette when it comes to presentation

First of all the packaging of this product is to die for. A sweet, velvet box filled with 12 eyeshadows, a deluxe sample size of the Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, a full sized Lashgasm mascara and a mirror. The eye shadows are gorgeous and are very pigmented. I adore the range of colors because it really allows you to create so many different looks. As an added bonus, this came with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer in Candlelight. Shadow Insurance Primer is a great eye primer for allowing your eye shadows to last all day and really show their true colors. The Lashgasm mascara, is one of my personal favorites. The brush is small, but it really gives my tiny lashes some major length and volume.




The colors are really gorgeous. If you are a fan of shimmery colors, then this is the palette for you. If you aren't a fan of glitter and shimmer, then I'd stay away. I love this mixture of colors. It's perfect for so many looks and will be a great palette to have for Spring. It's a good assortment of light, pastels and warm, dark bronzed browns. This is another case when applying the colors, rather than looking at them, will really allow you to see the true color. Hot Cocoa and Lovey Dovey were two colors that looked totally different when applied, compared to what they look like. I feel like the color, Nude Beach, would be best applied with a primer that is made for glitter. This shade features quite a bit of glitter and with a correct primer, the color would be amazing! I really love this palette and the colors are great for a wide variety of skin tones. Anyone would look great with these colors.

Price point on this palette is $42.00 and it can be found at Sephora or on Too Faced Website.
This is a great price for this palette, especially with a primer and full sized mascara included. They still have this available at most places, but it has been sold out at a couple of stores I have been to. Too Faced is releasing their Spring Collection (oh, it's amazing, just wait) so be sure to go check this out ASAP!

Stay Tuned for my next review on another amazing Too Faced Palette!