Marni Inspiration by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

With Fashion week, in New York, less than 3 weeks away, designers are releasing lookbooks left and right! It's an exciting time for fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs because now is the time to stock up on all the fashion forecasts for fall and winter. 
One of my favorite designers, Marni, has a pre-fall 2013 collection like none other. The aesthetic of it is very masculine yet feminine, tailored with deconstructed touches, and sophisticated but with a tough edge!  The fundamental pieces of the collection, like the slouchy trousers, the double breasted coat and the parka look like they were picked out of a boyfriend's closet! The colors are very moody and subdued, tons of burgundy, charcoal, midnight blue with hints of pink, mustard, gold and copper. I absolutely adore androgynous styles, it's a fun way to play with opposites and figure out ways to balance femininity. The androgynous/ tomboy style is the best way for me to have fun with fashion, it takes a real risk taker to pair a pleated skirt with utilitarian parka or a printed sweatshirt with a metallic trouser. Not to mention the fringed loafers and chelsea boots, my absolute favorite fall style shoes! Marni's pre-fall 2013 edition is a concrete jungle!



Image via Karla Otto

Dear readers, what do you think of Marni's new collection? Who are you most excited about for this upcoming fashion week?


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