Today let’s focus on the last picture, somehow that’s the “real scene” was happening during our photo shoot today. And that’s normally what’s happening behind my little blog’s outfit picture taking, it’s a “team” work in a safe but nice place :) , and Red Bear has to pop out here and there.

In Chinese:  今天要着重聊聊最后一张相片, 本来想用修图工具把Red Bear从背景中消除掉, 但是觉得这样放出来也蛮好玩的, 其实这也正是我们每天去照相的真实写照, Red Bear总是会经意或非经意的出现在背景当中.:)

 Gloverall Boiled Wool Heritiage Coat, ASOS Dress(from last year),

Celine Shoes, Karen Walker Sunglasses, J.Crew Necklace and Bracelet,

Lips: MAC Viva Glam I, Nails: OPI “I am not really a waitress”

ASOS high Brow Moustache ring Pack