Face- Calvin Klein Creme Lipstick Delicious Luxury

Body- Top fromteesme.se, Jeans (Monte Carlo) fromTruluxejeans.com

Accessories- DipDye/ombre hair extensions, two sets, one with light brown tops and one with pink tops from beautyworksonline.com and a beautiful handbag from francovernica.com

Love the bag, Im in love. Love to buy new handbags,and this is one of the greatest bags I have bought, ever. Its have alot of space, you can have alot of things in it. Its perfect for me, so perfect.

The hair, what could I say? Lovely, I just love it!

The jeans are in good quality, and the hair and the bag too ofc. They fits absolutey perfect, they look good and high quality.

The lipstick is orange, and its stays on my lips very long. I can drink, eat and its still on. The color is also beautiful.

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