I’m a big fan of having soft, smooth skin! But how I obtain this has varied over the years. I’ve wax, shaved, and even tried some other alternative methods. Below are the the things I’ve discovered over the years from maintaining my bikini line:


1. Gives you the most smooth skin for the longest period of time (you’re typically hair free for a solid 3-4 weeks).

2. It hurts! There is no way around it, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

3. You need to be willing to strip down in front of a stranger.


1. It’s easy and you don’t need to get naked in-front of anyone… unless you want to! :)

2. You need to do it just about every-other day.

3. Does not give you the same level of smoothness.

I am currently in a stage in which I do a full Brazilian wax every 4-6 weeks and I love the results. The hair grows in very soft and I’m smooth for a good 4 weeks! I would highly recommend this route if you can stand about 15 minutes of being uncomfortable (and it gets easier over time… seriously! The hair gets soft so it hurts less over time). To prepare for those few moments of being uncomfortable you can take Advil to cut the pain.

Lastly, would like to recommend what to do between your waxing or shaving:

1. Exfoliate every few days. It’s important to get rid of dead skin so that you do not get any in-grown hairs.

2. Moisturize and apply a No In-Grows lotion, I highly recommend the one below (you can get it from Target in the travel section for $2!)

Good luck!

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