Photobombers . . . 
they weren't intentionally photobombing and I am standing right next to the entrance of a mall. 

Oh picture taking. The hardship it is to get that perfect mixture. As I am sure you have seen in the commercial when the mother places shoves the plate onto the ground to get the right picture of her daughter, the dude riding a skateboard down the hill to capture the fire-tire rolling down the hill (how does he stop?) and the explorer willing to awaken the group of bats to get that picturesque shot of the one bat slumbering. We have to battle for the right picture, but in my case sometimes that not perfect picture is just right. At least you know I am actually out and about, interacting with the world, trying to find different places for pictures.

Anyways, how was your 2nd New Year day? I am sure you have heard/read/seen this question, or some variation of it, all day and I promise this will be the last day of mentioning the New Year, but since it is worth mentioning what are your New Year's resolutions? I am going to try and change up my hair a bit more; try and a bit are the key words here for two reasons: 1) I have this thing to try and keep my hair as soft and moisturized as possible which prevents me from using any hot applications too often. 2) I am a bit lazy in the morning and instead of getting up at a decent time to properly prepare myself I tend to get up later . . . way later . . . But alas my resolution is to get up and do my hair. I will keep you updated. This resolution also ties in with my second or third resolution which is to be more consistent. With everything in general, especially small things that should be done on a regular basis.   

As for the outfit, I paired my new tie-dye jeans with a fluffy white sweater and my leather vest for good measure. My collection of vests has been in top use lately because they are the perfect layer: not too constricting like a sweater/coat, but definitely keeps me warm. I am truly loving the new CHUBBY STICK I received from my sister for Christmas. It is the perfect shade for winter and I can't stop wearing it. This bag is one of my favorites of all time because it can fit everything + my camera and it is vintage. My grandma bought it from a boutique in Spain many years ago and it is still in great shape. 

Happy Wednesday!

p.s I was wondering, do you like when I write a lot like this or prefer when I only write a little? Your opinions are always of great value and importance so let me know!







photos by Amanda

Leather vest: H&M (similar here)
Sweater: GAP (similar here)
Scarf: FOREVER 21
Bag: vintage (similar hereherehere)
Shoes: SAM EDELMAN (similar here)
Bracelets: COLDWATER CREEK, GAP, gifted
Lipstick: REVLON chubby stick "crush béguin"