As I was walking home today I was lucky enough for it to start snowing. Though I could've taken it as a just-my-luck situation I decided to brainstorm ideas for the years firstreal snow day post. I modeled this off my Rainy Day and Another Rainy Day post seeing that I hand't done a post for you guys that gave a winter/cold weather outfit idea (surprising since it's usually cold up here). On Etsy I saw this cute cape that I instantly fell in love with it. Now I didn't have the money to spend on a cape so my first thoughts were either to make one (go DIYs!) or go on with life. So as searched the coat closet for a warm winter trench (the original outfit plan) I found that my mother already had an equally stylish cape -- I really should have known. Lately I've also been into the socks and open toe shoe thing so we'll see where that goes...


I've just added a Favorite Shops page, where you can see some cool online stores I like to get things from. Also I'm on a Lucky Mag contributor, so check out my profile!




Mom's faux fur cape, H&M sweater, Skirt from TJMaxx, and AVON shoes.