This week has mainly been spent working behind my computer as I have so much to do before I leave for Mauritius next Sunday and packing, as I will be moving into a new house late February.  However I did manage to squeeze in some time to go to the beach were I enhanced my sunglasses tan - epic fail, to eat some good food, have a photo shoot - which I will tell you about very soon and have a lazy day in my cute new PJs when I wasn't feeling well.






1) Taking a dip at a beach in Busselton.
2) A lemon and mascarpone tart with ginger crumbs and lime sorbet from Lamont's Smith Beach - simply delicious.
3) Wearing a new outfit for a recent photoshoot
4) Decked out in Peter Alexander for a lazy day. 
5) Organising what I need for Mauritius - Vintage clothes that will be transformed, colourful bikinis, printed tops, textured skirts, small bag, bright sandals, eyewear and cute accessories. 

As of tomorrow I'm back to working from the office but only for five days, and then I will be off to Mauritius for a couple of weeks - I'm very excited, especially to leave this swelterland! I hope you've all had a wonderful break, and that the transition back to reality is not too unbearable!
<3 Nadine