For a long time I have wanted to begin a vegan lifestyle, however somehow have always ended up making excuses for not doing so - almost lazy! Two months ago, I took my time to dedicate six hours just researching the cruelty and neglect animals are exposed to when being raised for slaughter or milk/egg production in factories of a mass scale. What I've watched has really sickened me, and I would consider myself absolutely heartless not to really give this a go. So far so good, I haven't even had a craving for anything animal-related.


Not only that, I have also begun to make some of the healthiest school lunches I have in a long time. This has the effect of me feeling a lot less tired, more energetic, vibrant - my skin has improved so much! - and so much less bloated. My weight has even gone down a little, which is really nice. All this just from feeling compassionate! As Paul McCartney said, "If slaughter houses has glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." (Or in my case vegan)!