Well after all the excitement surrounding Dreamweave & Co`s `Lashconstruct` I thought I had better tell you all first hand if it does what it says on the tin !

I Applied it on Friday evening after I had removed my makeup for the day ….Yes after I removed all my makeup ! and then I applied two coats of Lashconstruct and toddled off to bed.

I woke yesterday morning to NO smudges, NO clumping, No flaking ! just fabulous full, long beautiful lashes ! you really can wear this beauty for 3 nights with out removing it how cool is that !

This mascara is THE best I have ever used bar none , it conditions the lashes from the root stem prolonging the life of each individual lash along with the widelash technology giving you that Hollywood siren esque look !

I could go on and on telling you how wonderful this mascara is but the truth is …try it for yourself and you will be hooked , tell your friends and family about it, buy it as a gift, as a thank you but ultimately just buy it and let it speak for itself.

Go Even Longer With Lashconstruct !