Polka dot's role in fashion industry was starting in the 20th century. Minnie mouse from Walt Disney was dressed in polka dots skirt and that was her trademark, celebrities in 1940s and 50s like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor loves and was spotted wearing polka dots gowns, and around the same period Christian Dior began to release his hourglass dresses in polka dots prints. Even after such a long time history, they never out of style and sometimes they are the hot spots. Until today we can still see polka dots make appearance in fashion week. They are usually considered as a classic and lovely print today and perfect for a girlie girl and little cute girl.

I don't usually wear something too girlie and cute but I do love polka dots. However, it's a challenge to make polka dots not looking too cute. I found this lovely spotted prints sweater the other day and I was so exciting. It's perfect for the weather that's too hot for a coat and too chilly for a thin sweater, like now in Dallas. The polka dots on this sweater are bigger than usual dots, and the classy black and white makes it looks less girlie. Today I decided to keep the whole look in classic B&W with a colorful touch using my color blocking shoes.

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