So it’s no secret that I’m a freak for organization.  Starting a shiny new planner makes me unbelievably happy.  Yes, you heard that right — I actually relish in starting to fill in the blank pages of a brand new agenda.  So this past year, when I decided to go fully digital – iPhone, iPad, laptop – check – I thought, this can work – technology is grand … or so they say.  But truth be told, I’ve been miserable.  And.I.can’t.Stay.Organized.  Which is the biggest problem.  I can never get all of my techy calendars to sync up, plus I hardly know how to sync to begin with.  I’m also scribbling ideas and to-do lists on post-its all-day-long, and it’s a bit tough attaching stickies to my iPhone screen.  I miss my agenda …

Thinking of going back to a paper planner. I just can’t get down with the digital. Thoughts?

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