No longer only reserved solely for surfers & scuba divers, neoprene has made its way to the masses and is popping up everywhere- tops, pants, dresses and as you can see shoes. I rather like the thick stretchy material, yet I’m not sure I’m going to love this trend forever. So for me, spending $795 on these Jimmy Choo Denton’s seems a bit outrageous. Ok, really outrageous. I found these Zoie neon + neoprene sandals over at ShoeDazzle, and though they’re not an exact dupe, at $750 less I think they’d certainly to the trick. I ordered my first pair of shoes from ShoeDazzle a couple months ago and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. If you’ve never used ShoeDazzle, they ask you several questions on your style preferences and set up a style profile– then send you emails with shoes that the think you’d like. I love that as I really hate receiving emails with random things that I have no interest in. Though I must admit, it is a bit dangerous receiving constant emails with items you most likely will want.