Happy New Year Frock Stars!  After the winter holiday season, I get the blues.  Thanksgiving to New Year’s is full of fun and glamour, making January and February seem depressing.  These are my two least fave months, it’s usually super cold (so all you want to wear is sweats), and spring seems sooo far away.  Sometimes it can be tough to pull together an ensemble… because it always feels like you have nothing to wear.  I’m going to start incorporating a lot of bold colors into my wardrobe to keep the next few months from being so drab.  I’m also going to replace “Manly Monday” (don’t worry mens, I’ll still do a Manly Monday once every month) with “Mood Board Monday”, and I thought I’d give you a little taste of it.  Since I’m feeling blue today, I’m going to werq the shit out of those blues.

I’ve Got The Blues by rockinaroundthe

The Blues

The one thing I do look forward to today, is the new Dance Moms season premiere tonight!  If you’re watching too, and you wanna chat… tweet me @RockinAroundThe
Dance Moms
You know, Abby is totes right… second place is the first loser.

Frock Out*