The Coatigan is a trend that seems to be picking up speed. Plucked from the streets of Europe it is a great layer for cool fall air before you start unpacking the parkas.


At first I thought that coatigan might just be a fun way to describe the drapey sweater coats we have seen the last few seasons but the more I compared the two I think there is a dinstiction between the two styles.

The coatigan is more structured. It looks like a coat not a sweater but is make out of a knit wool or blend.

A sweater coat is more like an oversized elongated sweater that serves the same purpose but looks overall more casual.

The coatigan from afar would be mistaken for a boyfriend or cocoon coat whereas a sweater coat is still just a sweater.

Will you be rocking a coatigan this fall?

More details on the styles shown in the collage on my blog HERE.