Well, in a strange turn of weather events, we have been basking in sunny, pleasant, spring-like weather, while east-coasters seemed to have been dealing with our “usual” snow dumping. I love snow (which is great, because we’re supposed to get plenty, again, this weekend), but I’ve really enjoyed this mild respite the past couple of weeks!

It’s been so mild, that shorts felt just right…. In direct, afternoon sunshine. And with a chunky, cozy turtleneck. “Simple” to me, means no fuss. No layers on layers you have to constantly tug and adjust (I love them, though). No jingly-jangly bangles, and layered necklaces you have to constantly settle and quiet (also love them). And no perfectly coiffed hair you have to try to keep in place, and out of your mouth (I actually have no idea what perfectly coiffed hair would feel like, but the hair-in-the-mouth thing, I get). “Simple” means you put it on, and you don’t have to fuss with it the rest of the day. Sensible pumps – check. Simple rings that don’t slide around – check. Hair in a top knot (which I fiiiiiiinally learned how to do, and will probably do it the rest of my natural life, it’s so easy!!) – check. This whole look was so easy-peasy.

Klamath Falls:

CJ Simple 7 CJ Simple 1 CJ Simple 3 CJ Simple 4 CJ Simple 5a CJ Simple 2a CJ Simple 6


Sweater: Bellfield. Shorts: Zara. Pumps: Charles David. Rings: Zara (similar here & here). Clutch: Reiss (love this). Sunnies: Valentino (similar). Lips: Givenchy in “Fantasy Pink.”

So, that’s my Simple story, and I’m stickin’ to it. :)

-Carrie J