Yes, These areTHE BEST JEANS IN THE WORLD. I have searched high and low for a great pair ofskinny jeans. Finding the“perfect pair” of jeans is a hard fete to conquer. There are so many factors to finding a great jean, from the stretch in the denim; to the hip to ankle ratio ideal for your body type, it can prove to be rather daunting. ButForever 21 has solved that problem.

For years, I have tried every jean you can think of and had yet to find one that met my standards.Forever 21 must had heard my “Jean Prayers” and made them come true.

While shopping with my cousin recently, she tried on a pair of $10.80 jeans fromForever 21 and raved how great the fit was. Not being totally convinced, I opted to not try on a pair for myself. So, fast forward to a few months ago, I gave a pair ofForever 21 skinny jeans a test drive, and was I not ready for the love that was to rush my whole body.

The fit is perfect. Just the right amount of stretch in the denim, they come right to the ankle with no gathering, and last but not least after wearing them for hours the waist of the jeans are still holding strong. They fit true to size and come in various washes. So you have a vast selection to choose from.

What more can you ask for? Yes, there is one last thing make sure the price is affordable. And that it is, they are only $10.80. Where can you buy a jean they fits like a expensive designer but cost under $11?FOREVER 21 only they can do this. I ENDORSE THESE JEANS.

So, if you want a pair ofTHE BEST JEANS IN THE WORLD, head over to your localForever 21 orshop online to grab a pair.