Every women knows what it feels like to walk out of the salon with a great blow-dry. In all reality though, we can't have that feeling every day. (Even though deep inside we dream about it). As a hairstylist and beauty expert, I'm always searching for ways to help my clients be more successful with their hair at home. I LOVE hot rollers for this exact reason. They are so simple to use, and give smooth, straight hair the most body and bounce.

Any hot rollers will do the trick, but i tend to favor rollers with a velvety barrel. This really helps to keep the roller secure. Here's a few tips to keep in mind when using hot rollers at home:

1.)Apply a thermal protecting spray. I love Paul Mitchell's Hot Off The Press.

2.) Section your hair into a rectangle on top, then, section out both sides, and finally, section the back in two. (Use clips to keep everything more organized).

3.) Start placing the rollers on the sides, then the back and the top is last.

4.) Place the rollers in horizontally. Place the roller half way down the hair, roll the ends then tuck them as you wind the roller to the base and secure.

5.) Increase your elevation (lift the hair up higher), where you want to see more volume. Usually in the crown.

6.) Have some fun, while you let them cool. Usually about 15 minutes. This is the most important part. If the roller completely cools while its in place, it helps the volume and bend last longer.

7.) Remove and detail, using your favorite finishing product. I love Paul Mitchell's Extra Body Finishing Spray.

You can see my before and after pictures. I used large rollers for more volume and less bend in the ends. If you don't have rollers, go get some, you'll be so happy you did. Makes you feel like you just stepped out of the salon!

Hope you enjoy!

Hair & Beauty Expert