This entire week, it has been indescribably hard not to think of Friday. Friday is, not only the throw-your-mocking-school-papers-in-the-air day of the week, but also the beginning of Thanksgiving Break. My T-Givings usually consist of me and my family escaping to a city to view Broadway musicals, cut our turkey "metaphorically," while lazily dinning out for The Big Meal, and trying to force my bitter puppy to relieve herself on a 2 x 2 piece of grass in increment of two hours. This year, unfortunately, I will be tripping on morphine, watching White Collar and applying for internships from the warmth of my couch due to the removal of my wisdom teeth. Sadly, this will all be happening sans puppy (my sister is an evil dog stealer.) 

I think this is one of my favorite shoot locations thus far. These pictures capture the perfect moment in the fall weather. Layers of orange, red and brown, peeling paint and fallen leaves truly represent the beauty of autumn.  BONUS: Featured in the background, is the building that I have called home for the past three years and have built some of the best memories at college in. 

[sweater, button up, earrings, clutch - Forever 21,  pants - J-Crew, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell]